30 Days of Music: Day 1 – Your Favourite Song [David Kitt – Step Outside..]


Whoever designed this list clearly never thought to start it off on an easy note anyways, as I’m sure most would struggle to come up with a definite answer for this one. Scanning through the list however, there was one song which could have been used for up to a dozen different days and to me, this is as good an indication as necessary of it’s rightful position. David Kitt is a singer songwriter from Dublin whose career has spanned the entire decade; from the more acoustic, humble romanticism of his early work, through to his most recent dance infused output in the form of The Nightsaver via the rockier, love lorn anthems of Not Fade Away. Along the way Kitt has come under criticism for never replicating the dizzying heights set by 2001’s The Big Romance, and though I’d dispute this (The Nightsaver in particular was one of the best albums of 2009) there is no denying the wonder of his earlier output and Step Outside In The Morning Light is a perfect example of this.

Present on both Small Moments and The Big Romance, Step Outside…is a blissful ode to that intangible feeling of optimism which washes over us on occasions as we dream of better times ahead, with nothing to tend to other than one’s current setting. Kittser (as he’s more commonly known) delivers a soothing and ultimately uplifting tale of love and hope which is earnest without being overbearing and romantic without ever bordering on soppy or trite. If ever a song embodied Summer and happiness, this to me, is it. This is the musical representation of that feeling as the sun pours over us after months of dreary 7am starts and the first glance in new lovers eyes amid the smell of freshly cut grass. 

One of Kittser’s greatest strength’s is his ability to write effective lyrics which can be personally applied by the masses and the line, “and the thought of the summer clears my head” surely represented the national mood as wind, rain and snow pelted us for months on end earlier this year. 

For some reason I can’t find a video of it on Youtube but it can be listened to over at Grooveshark for free. This version is from his first album Small Moments and though sparser and more simplistic in arrangement it still holds all the beauty which resonates on the final version on The Big Romance. A true classic from one of Ireland’s greatest singer song-writers and one of the decades best albums.

Come Along in secrecy

          You said I could

But I wont 

Filling up with promises 

Our bodies lie 

But we’re immune 

And the thought of summer 

Clears my head 

And the thought of summer 

Clears my head, my head 

You stand alone 

So delicate 

I said “thats fine 

It seems right” 

Filling up 

The day again 

Our bodies tied 

To the fading moon 

And the thought of summer 

Clears my head 

And the thought of summer 

Clears my head, my head 

On your belly 

In the sun 

Looking up 

To the sky 

And the sky 

Clears my head 

So step outside in the morning light 

And feel the breeze 

And hold her tight 

So step outside in the morning light 

And feel the breeze 

And hold her tight 


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