>Hidden Irish Indie Hits: #1 – Conor Furlong


….or HIIH for short (terrible name, suggestions welcome).

This is a new feature where I intend to highlight a few lovely home-grown tunes that have caught my attention over the years, but which may have passed many by.

With the amount of quality music emerging from Ireland as of late, some great tracks inevitably slip through the cracks, and while there may be nothing here to rival the big-hitters, these are songs which stuck with me, and ones which I feel deserve a touch more recognition than they’ve recieved to date.

So, to kick it off, have a listen to ‘Are You Gonna Sleep Tonight?’ by Conor Furlong, a stirring anti-war anthem from last year. Despite being produced on a shoe-string, this is a neatly polished track with a memorable chorus and more than a hint of Echo & The Bunnymen throughout. 

662 views on YouTube doesn’t do this track justice at all, though be warned: the video is quite graphic…

If you like what your hear then you can download the track for free from here.

More HIHH (how catchy…) to follow soon…

//Conor’s Official Site//


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