>STL’s Weekly Listening Post (Week Ending 16/1)


There’s an awful lot of new music out there…loads like. 

So, with that in mind, here’s a little round up of the new tunes which have pleased STLs ears over the last 7 days.

It’s far from exhaustive but you may just find something you enjoy and as ever, suggestions are very welcome.

Million Young ‘On On’  

Tucking into Replicants, the new album from Florida based Million Young, has left my ears feeling warm and fuzzy and ‘On On’ is a stuttering scorcher of a track which seems custom made for a thousand car ads. 
Listen now before you get sick of hearing it along side the latest Toyota model…

Oh Land‘Son Of A Gun’ 

Danish popstress Oh Land has been lighting up the blogosphere in recent months with her brand of electro-pop splendour, and this is the opening track from her excellent debut EP.


17-year-old Jack Colleran has been attracting a bit of attention lately thanks to these sprawling electro numbers, with Nialler9 profiling him during the week. 17? I could barely tie my shoe-laces at that age, let alone make music this good.

Squarehead – ‘(-_-)’ (Adebisi Shank Cover) 

Anything these Rathmines lads touch as of late seems to turn to gold. This track will feature on the upcoming Quarter Inch Quompilation, which will see a dozen artists covering their favourite songs of 2010. After hearing Kid Karate’s brilliant cover of Tinie Tempah’s ‘Pass Out’, we now have this trio adding sun-kissed vocals and a washed out haze to Adebisi’s little creation.

British Sea Power – ‘Mongk II’ 

A jazzed up version of Mongk (which originally appeared on the Zeus EP), from the eternal cult band’s latest – Valhalla Dancehall. Valhalla is no “Do You Like Rock Music?” but it’s growing on me with ever listen and this driven straight up number is a definite highlight…“I don’t believe in you but you believe in me”

This Other Kingdom‘Tears

A touching piano-led lament from these very new Dublin newcomers.

Battle for 2nd Place‘Say it ain’t So’ 
Mayo songstress Orla Prendergast elevates this slice of power pop from the Glasgow four-piece, with soaring, sweeping vocals.


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