>Hidden Irish Indie Hits #4 – The Marshals

>Fourth in a new series to uncover great Irish indie tunes which slipped through the cracks.

How come we love to hurt other so?
I’d like to think it that my word is gold,
But I might let you down and you know it

Summer 2006 and I was an impressionable 17 year old. With the Leaving Cert in the bag, and college months away, I was stuck in the most beautiful of purgatorial states and Oxegen that summer was an incredible experience – for that first taste of freedom, of mounds of music served up on a plate, of copious amounts of alcohol with your best friends – shall never be bettered. Hence, the music I heard during that rather rainy weekend down in Punchestown will always strike a chord with me and ‘Make Her Cry by The Marshals was the very first song I ever heard at any music festival – cue the sentimentality. I’d like to think that I’d love that throbbing intro riff and the strained romantic lyrics regardless but who knows.

It seems not enough people shared my sentiments about the track anyhow as despite two appearances at Oxegen, and decent press coverage, they disbanded soon after.


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