Introducing – Leaders of Men

Leaders of Men are a new five-piece from Tallaght in Dublin. These lads certainly have pedigree with most members having been involved with numerous other local bands throughout the years including The Cades, who played Oxegen 2008 in their heyday.

With a new demo many over-zealous bands succumb to the lure of arriving all-guns blazing, trying to rush too many ideas into too little a time. Not so here as opener ‘Happy Here‘ is initially a slow paced affair. The opening crystal clear vocals are carefully wrapped around brooding textures and atmospherics, before a thundering kick-in-the-face moment arrives midway through, and the whole lot climaxes in a memorable head-bopping outtro. ‘Put You Up against The Wall‘ meanwhile, is similarly slow burning but with a more sinister undertone. A shuffling drumbeat and cleverly layered guitar effects mask the sombre lyrics at play to create an equally rich, ambient mix in the vein of The Walkmen’s more reflective moments.

It’s always hard to tell with demos but these two tracks are accomplished, mature and memorable in equal proportions, in a package which bodes well for future releases. Judge for yourself by downloading the tracks below and catch them live when Leaders of Men play The Workman’s Club on Saturday 12th of March with support from Joe Price, Gypsies on the Autobahn and Late Fragments. Click here for full details. 


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