>New Music: Wild Beasts – ‘Albatross’


Oh yes. After the rip-rollicking ride through medieval mental-ness and wanton lust that was Two Dancers, Wild Beasts are back.

The first track to emerge from the new material is a track called ‘Albatross’ and though immediately recognisable it’s clear things aren’t quite as ‘wild’ this time off. ‘Albatross’ arrives as a more tranquil affair altogether – lush, with a sumptuous spine, and delicately dressed in typically high pitched vocals and matching quiet swoons. In truth, I kept waiting for it to kick in but on repeated listens I’ve come to appreciate it as a more reflective, soothing number; a dipped toe into the new album which will surely boast the usual flurry of oblique references and triumphant tunes.

The song will also be free to download from the band’s Facebook page from tomorrow.

Wild Beasts play this years Forbidden Fruit festivalat IMMA, Kilmainham.

Wild Beasts – Albatross by DominoRecordCo 

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