>New Music: Spies – ‘Barricade’


STL favourites Spies are back with a new single. The follow up to the Dublin outfit’s sterling debut EP, this two track release is of a similar standard – dark, brooding and bloody brilliant. Weird talk of a ‘sister putting poison in your gin’ precedes a smashing chorus on ‘Barricade’ and though more complex than their earlier work ‘Weaker Body’ is equally as polished and rewards repeated listens with inventive word play and a surging finale.

Spies play Whelan’s on Saturday April 23 and having been left all a-flutter by their recent show in The Workman’s Club I can’t recommend getting in on it enough.

The single is available to download now via BandCamp and the physical version will also be in all the cool shops from April 23, as well as at the gig. It’s worth it for that lovely cover alone.

<p><p><a href=”http://spies.bandcamp.com/album/barricade”>Barricade by SPIES</a></p></p>


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