>Introducing: Spilly Walker


By now you should be familiar with David Kitt’s solo work. From the initial acoustic flourish of The Big Romance right through to the beat-driven splendour of The Nightsaver, Kittser has been one of the most essential Irish artists of the last decade. Recently recruited by The Tindersticks, he’s also well known for his side projects and with a burst of nepotism herein lies another.

Based on “a desire by two brothers to hang out and create music inspired by musical treats exchanged between themSpilly Walker is a collaboration between David and his younger brother Robbie. Offering up sprawling electro tunes with a memorable burst, Spilly’s tracks have a knack of working their way into your bones, with a strong resemblance to David’s recent synth-infused output evident throughout.

Initially emerging a few years back, constant talk of an album release has yet to materialise, leaving fans like I to feed off the odd gig and uploaded demo. The duo played a cracking set at last year’s Electric Picnic while there’s fresh hope in the from of new track ‘The Only Way Through Is The Music’; an instantly catchy number which is euphoric in a subdued sort of manner. ‘Let The Freak Come Out At Night’ has been a mainstay in Kittser’s solo shows for quite some time, while ‘No Future’ and ‘You’ll Never Meet A Guy Like Me Again’ (available via MySpace) are downright essential. 

Fingers crossed for a proper release soon but in the meantime there’s enough good tunes to enjoy as we wait with bated breath.

Find Spilly Walker on Facebook // Myspace



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dan Abel says:

    Don't forget Rock My Body – best thing I've heard from them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3prbvdijPbMThere is also a radio broadcast with some live session material that I've appropriated for my ipod…


  2. Bryano says:

    Sweet, would love to hear that live session. Great track indeed, was at that gig myself – hopefully there's more to come soon


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