>More additions to the Forbidden Fruit Festival


Not content with already boasting one of the best festival line-ups this side of Glastonbury, Forbidden Fruit has added another batch of names for their inaugural June Bank Holiday soiree.

On Saturday June 4 the likes of The Flaming Lips, Bombay Bicycle Club and Wild Beasts will now be joined by mental beat-boxer Beardyman, Belgian electro-heads The Subs, and London producer Rory Phillips

On Sunday June 5, joining Caribou, Battles and Aphex Twin will be Carte Blance (DJ Mehdi and Riton), French electro pair Logo and Brooklyn’s Favourite Sons, while The Trinity Orchestra will open proceedings with a full orchestral performance of Daft Punk’s Discovery (amazing video below).

While it’s obviously great to see such mega international names on board, you also have to give the organisers credit for showcasing the very best in Irish talent at the same time. Kid Karate, Ham Sandwich, Bipolar Empire and Spies are all playing the Lighthouse Stage on the Saturday, while The Richter Collective will be curating the same space on the Sunday bringing the likes of The Cast Of Cheers, Enemies and Squarehead with them, while I also can’t wait to finally catch Solar Bears’ live show.

FF takes place in the grounds of the Royal Irish Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin and tickets priced €49.50/day or €90 for the weekend are on sale now. Full line-up and tickets: http://www.forbiddenfruit.ie

I plan on doing a proper preview post on the pick of the line-up soon but for now have a listen to some of the acts below:








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  1. Anonymous says:

    'Not content with already boasting one of the best festival line-ups this side of Glastonbury'Eh, that has to be the funniest thing I have read in a long time. The writer has obviously never seen any Glastonbury line-ups .. the current Forbidden Fruit line-up would be looking at a 3pm / 4pm slot at Glastonbury and no better. Any regular visitor to the festival knows this . . As a new festival, I imagine its difficult to attract the bigger names but dont b/s about how strong your line-up is when its poor to say the least . . then there's the weather . .


  2. Bryano says:

    What's not to get? "This side of Glastonbury" means it's obviously not as good as Glasto (what is?) but that among the other Irish festivals, attracting the likes of The Flaming Lips, Aphex Twin, Battles, Wild Beasts etc marks it out as one of the best lineups here. I've no affiliation to the festival, I'm just impressed by the lineup, as many others are. And as for the weather…I must have imagined the torrential weather that Glastonbury has received over the last few years.. http://www.urban75.org/glastonbury/images/glastonbury-festival-07.jpg


  3. Hey Anonymous, enjoying the weather today? ; )Flaming Lips, Aphex Twin 3-4pm slot at Glastonbury, I don't bloody think so!!! Enjoy U2 you muppet!


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