Tieranniesaur – ‘Here Be Monsters’ [Official Video] and Album Launch

Having worked their magic on Big Monster Love’s ‘Free Gaff Forever’, the wondrous minds at Bowsie Workshop have done the same with Tieranniesaur’s slick track ‘Here Be Monsters’. Whereas ‘Free Gaff…’ employed the creative use of stop motion, here we’re treated to a forest-led duel between a child assassin and a weird face monster thing, resulting in a brilliant B-movie-esque rampage. The track itself is an understatedly sexy little creation, with a cool 70s swagger evident at times and I just can’t seem to stop hitting that repeat button.

It’s taken from Tieranniesaur’s debut album Play Buttons which gets an official release on July 28th at Future Bright in Crawdaddy. Also on the bill that night are fellow Popical Island heads No Monster Club and Patrick Kelleher, while the event will also see Ireland’s first Playbutton release: a custom Tieranniesaur pin badge which doubles as an mp3 player which only plays the Tieranniesaur album. Pretty Nifty. Tickets are just €5 and here’s the event page.

Tieranniesaur – Here be Monsters from Bowsie Workshop on Vimeo.


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