Album News: Hello Moon – Only Count The Sunny Hours

Having only recently introduced them I’m glad to receive news that Hello Moon have their debut all LP all polished and ready to go. The excellently titled Only Count The Happy Hours was mixed by Matt Pence of Yuck fame and will be released on the Any Other City label, with the launch party taking place on September 10th in Crawdaddy.

The Dublin four-piece have developed a sound that induces prolonged bursts of foot-tapping, humming and head-swaying – in other words, everything one could hope for in an indie-pop outfit.  Hook laden and brimming with a quaint charm throughout, Only Count The Happy Hours delivers on the promise of their initial tracks and comes highly recommended.  

Album Tracklist: 

1. Vanity
2. Here I Am
3. Interlude
4. Measure of Me
5. Three More Inches
6. Sievehead
7. The Calculus Affair
8. New Day
9. What’s The Use Of Falling In Love?
10. He Was A Boy
11. Always In The Dark
12. Awkward Hugs


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