Introducing: The Young Folk

Dublin five-piece The Young Folk were on my radar at KnockanStockan recently and they impressed me quite a bit. Rattling through their set, they performed with a level of confidence and assurance that befits only a group of extremely talented, like-minded musicians and the crowd lapped it up. 

Anthony Furey’s vocals are the linchpin of the operation here, his smooth and powerful tones wrapping themselves around a number of folk anthems, each imbued with a slight country twist and a general fondness for a stirring, throat-clearing melody. They’re more than capable of making a nice breakthrough with these tunes.

Both of these tracks are taken from the album I’ve Been Here Before… which is available now from Bandcamp.

Breaking Tunes // MySpace // Facebook  Sad Day by TheYoungFolk  Way Down South by TheYoungFolk


One Comment Add yours

  1. Stephanie says:

    I like! Nice choons! Raging I missed them at the 'palooza!!!


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