Free Mixtape: The New Wave Vol.1 – The best in new Irish music

The general consensus regarding Irish music is that we’ve entered something of a golden period and I’m in full agreement. In fact, I find the music to be that consistently brilliant that I want to do all I can to spread the sounds of this new wave to as far as possible. Hopefully my scribbles here do that a bit but I feel a collection of free-to-download mixtapes – each packed with the best Irish artists of late – are an even more effective way to invade your ear canals and convince you of their worth.


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  1. Bliz says:

    Nice Mix, Spies are good. I thought Kid Karate was a made up band for Fade Steet. Leaders Of Men, out shine the other bands IMO. I want to say "they sound like…" but I can't really put a label on them. So I guess they sound like Leaders of Men.


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