New Music: Tara Masterson Hally – ‘Lingering’

I introduced Miss Tara Masterson Hally a few months back and since then my love for her initial couple of tracks has never threatened to wane. Her latest effort ‘Lingering’ is another beautiful addition to the fold, and proof that those debut efforts were indeed no fluke. Again the mood is withdrawn and somewhat desolate, with the hauntingly airy vocals accompanied only by delicate instrumentation and the occasional celestial imprint. It’s a touching little creation and that final line (“I’ve travelled across the sea / But I’ll always wonder – would you do the same for me?”) serves as a fitting final riposte.

Also below is ‘Beholder’ – another recent creation that carries more of the same understated charm. You can find Tara Masterson Hally on Facebook.  Lingering by Tara Masterson Hally by Tara Masterson Hally 

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