Free gig: Pick for the Picnic Final this Thursday in Crawdaddy

Over the last two weeks 16 home-grown bands have battled it out in the heats and been whittled down to just four finalists, each of whom will perform at the final of Heineken Music’s Pick for the Picnic. Taking place the day before the festival itself, September 1st, in Crawdaddy, the winning band gets the excellent opportunity of opening the Crawdaddy stage down in Stradbally.

This year’s finalists are Tandem Felix, Eatenbybears, The Depravations and Leaders of Men.

It’s completely free in and as if that (and the mounds of amazing Irish music on show) wasn’t enough to tempt you out – your first drink is also free courtesy of Heineken. What more could you want?  In Horseshoes & Hand Grenades by Tandem Felix  Tonight by The Depravations  Spite Houses by Eatenbybears  Bite Your Tongue by damaged_audio

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