Girl Band – ‘In My Head’

Yep, late to the party again but sure that’s what happens when you’re halfway around the world. I’m home now so lets just blame the jet-lag. When it comes to Girl Band it seems I’m particularly late as I’ve been hearing their name for a quite some time now without ever properly investigating. They’ve been name-checked by certain people in the know as one of the bands to watch in 2012 – so what to make of their debut single ‘In My Head’? Well, if it sounds like 4 lads in a garage banging out some tunes then that’s exactly what it is but don’t they do it well? Aptly described by themselves as ‘noisy guitar music’ this is a ferocious, unpolished little burst and one which makes up for its lack of refinement with sheer, unashamed gusto. Clocking in at a mere two minutes it leaves you wanting more – a great sign for any single.

‘In My Head’ is out now via Any Other City and you can catch Girl Band at this year’s Indiependence festival.


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