Cfit single launch this Saturday in the Grand Social

There’s no contingency plan so pick out your seven favourite things, mark an ‘x’ into the ground to remember where you buried them and then run as fast as you can to the centre of this hurricane.

Dublin band Cfit are launching a free double-A side single this Saturday, June 16th, in the Grand Social. Both tracks are taken from their genuinely brilliant debut album Triage and support on the night comes from the doe-eyed harmony makers that are little xs for eyes.

A few months back I waxed lyrical about Cfit’s track ‘Plausible Deniability’, an affecting melancholic tale which stayed with me for quite some time after. ‘The Static’ is far removed from that, standing as a more straight up rock adventure with chugging riffs and plenty of distortion. It’s really great, especially when those backing vocals kick in, and it’s certainly bound to be a treat live but ‘Base Isolation’ is like ‘Plausible Deniability’ revisited – in short, it’s amazing. There’s more heart-wrenching lyrics which are again so wonderfully constructed – personal without being soppy and yet universal, without being passé. They pack a serious emotional punch and there’s also an overwrought riposte between the pair in question, who verbally duel as it all unravels between them. There’s something really special about Cfit and I’m excited to hear these songs in a live setting.

Check out the live video of ‘Base Isolation’ below for an idea of what to expect on Saturday.

Buy Triage now from Bandcamp.


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