Spies play Whelan’s Tonight // Listen to their new track

Serious line-up anseo. Dublin band Spies are back from their annual musical pilgrimage to Mayo and they play Whelan’s tonight to celebrate. For support they’ve enlisted the rather excellent Girl Band and Bouts, plus the late addition of Let It Beatle who, I’m guessing, are a Beatles cover act? You get all this for a measly €5 and the stage times are below. Do it.

Also below is a new Spies track – ‘Two Words’. As a rough and ready live take so it’s hard to analyse it properly but it definitely feels a bit darker than their previous stuff and the contrast to the cheery summer-holidays video is more than a bit disconcerting. Go along tonight to hear this, and more new ones.

Stage times:

    • Let it Beatle    8.20 – 8.50 pm
    • Bouts              9.00 – 9.30 pm
    • Girl Band        9.40 – 10.15 pm
    • Spies               10.25 – 11.00 pm

Two Words Live from spies on Vimeo.


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