Morrissey – ‘In Session’ at Dublin’s Temple Lane Studios

Here’s a strange set-up: a live Morrissey session which was filmed in Dublin’s Temple Lane Studios but is only available to view on Canadian TV. Naturally, YouTube (and the work of some spirited fans) breaks down any such barriers, allowing us to hear four new Moz songs for the first time outside of a grainy bootleg context. Though a massive fan (just check out my fawning post from when I met him) I must confess to not being wholly enamoured with this new material, with ‘Action Is My Middle Name’ the highlight of a pretty below-par bunch. It’s always good to see Tony Visconti (who produced Morrissey’s 2006 album – Ringleader Of The Tormentors) involved, though.

Part 1: ‘The Kid’s A Looker’
Part 2: ‘Scandinavia’ and ‘Action is My Middle Name’
Part 3: ‘People Are The Same Everywhere’ and End Credits

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