Damien Dempsey – ‘Almighty Love’

A few months back Damien Dempsey put a remarkably frank open letter on his official site, detailing in brutal honesty his brush with writers block and depression. It was a fascinating read and with that in mind it’s particularly nice to see him back for what will be his sixth studio album – Almighty Love. With his rough Dublin twang Damo has always been one of those Marmite artists and I must confess to being bemused by his popularity for some time. That was until I gave Shots a chance and from then on in I was hooked, admiring both his poetic social commentary and his intimate portrayal of the suppressed.

Below is the title track – a passionate, powerful and positive acoustic ballad with a typically lung-bursting chorus. It’s more of an album track than a lead single and while it doesn’t quite set my heart racing in the way ‘Spraypaint Backalley’ once did it still whets the appetite for the new release.

Almighty Love is out on September 28th in Ireland. Pre-order it from here.


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