Stream the debut album from experimental new Dublin duo Mothers & Fathers

Mothers & Fathers are a Dublin based duo who recently introduced themselves with their debut track ‘Mark of Cain‘ and its animated video. This is their debut album and as the Respect + Reverence title suggests it’s a concept record of the religious sort. The dual-vocals on opening track ‘The New Jerusalem’ may feel like a nod to The XX but that’s where the similarities end on what is a hugely original and equally challenging album.

With repeated listens ‘Mark of Cain’ makes more and more sense and that solemn, trip-hop feel is everywhere on this linear down-tempo collection. The atmosphere at work here is decidedly barren, with the muted electronic work and honest vocals complimented by some well-judged sound-bites. Dark, raw and unwavering in its sincerity, this is not an album for the pre-club exodus, rather it requires a pair of headphones and the full grip of solitude to be properly appreciated. It doesn’t all work and it is a demanding listen, but it should be awarded time as well as kudos for its frank and affecting originality.

The 9-track album is available to download from Bandcamp on a Name Your Price basis.

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