Villagers return with a new single and video :: ‘The Waves’

No, you didn’t read that wrong – this really is the new single from Villagers. The incessant blips…the early hint of tropical tones…the strange psychedelic rumblings…as one YouTube comment put it: “It’s like ‘Becoming A Jackal’ on LSD”. From the serene build-up to the intense finale, the whole track is a complete bag of surprises and you have to admire the bravery needed to return with such a left-field track. There’s so much to devour in these 5 minutes and each listen of mine has unravelled another layer of what is a seriously complex creation. I’m not sure if I can ever love it in the same way as say, ‘Set The Tigers Free’, but you can’t argue with its originality and just how interesting it is. Also, how bloody beautiful is the Alden Volney directed video? A complete and utter treat for the eyes.

‘The Waves’ is taken from Villagers as yet untitled new album and is released on October 22nd.  Buy the single on iTunes now.

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