Choir Of Young Believers – ‘Hollow Talk’ [Title Track from The Bridge]

Lately I’ve been filling a Breaking Bad shaped hole in my life with The Bridge, a great new Swedish/Danish show which is a must for fans of The Killing. The first thing that struck me about it was the title track – this eerie, mournful yet ultimately beautiful track from Choir Of Young Believers – the work of Copenhagen musician Jannis Noya Makrigiannis. If the show does well (and it definitely deserves to) then you can expect to hear this song plenty more.

Check out the chilled Fybe remix below, too.


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  1. marmulade says:

    I saw them supporting Mew in The Academy a few years ago, and thought they were superb. Sadly, when they finally released their debut album, I thought they sounded nothing like the live performances.

    I’d recommend a live performance of “Why Must It Always Be This Way?”


    1. bryanooo says:

      Thanks for that Marmulade, I can’t confess to knowing too much of their other stuff but on the basis of the above track I’ll be seeking it out


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