Spies – ‘The Holidays Of Jed Bartlet’ (Acoustic ‘Back to Basics’ Video)

Last week at HWCH Spies played a set comprised entirely of new material – a bold move for what was essentially a festival slot. Though some earlier stuff certainly wouldn’t have gone amiss it was certainly nice to see a band so committed to their new creations. The first thing that struck me was the obvious progression from the first EP with the rather distinct lines of sound being reshaped and pushed beyond into a more cohesive, progressive whole. There was a little dancey vibe off some, a definite experimental edge to others and all were as seriously tight and together as any fan of their work would come to expect. On certain tracks the vocals did feel slightly at odds with the music and fixing Michael Broderick’s super baritone voice against the creative will to alter the blueprint of their debut EP (where the two elements were in matrimonial bliss) is going to be a challenge but one I’m looking forward to hearing.

This video features an acoustic version of one of their best new ones ‘The Holidays Of Jed Bartlet’ –  filmed in Dublin’s Marley Park . It was done as part of Aer TV’s Back to Basics collection which has plenty of great bands playing unusual spots and is well worth checking out.


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  1. j mcanamara says:

    Castlepalooza 2012 – Disaster.
    A friend of mine was pulled out of the queue entering Castlepalooza. He was accused that his ticket was a forgery and handed over to the Gardai.
    The ticket was genuine , E-tickets are fully traceable. They have a Bar Code and Booking Code on them.
    No help from Castlepalooza, one kid roughed up – so what !


  2. anita says:

    Really like your blog. You show the better side of music and youtube. Great job!


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