Tandem Felix – ‘Tell Yer Loved Ones’

Introducing: Tandem Felix

Purveyors of dark and interesting sounds, I’ve latched onto Tandem Felix’s work thus far with a joyous zeal that rather contradicts its elegiac nature. There’s been a real beauty in its sadness and this new one is no different; with comments likening it to early Radiohead bang on the money. That video is great too and in the words of the band themselves…:

“We filmed this back in mid-2012 while at Windmill Lane Studios recording our EP. We choreographed, shot and produced the video ourselves alongside our studio pals Stephen Dunne and Gary White. The images were shot at double frame-rate and then slowed down by 50%, which meant that we had to “act” twice as fast. The concept for the video was inspired by a short film called “Nana” by Dublin artist Lesley Humphreys, who also designed the artwork for the CD packaging. I hope you enjoy the first window into the EP, visually and aurally”

Welcome back Tandem Felix.


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