Spies return with two brilliant new tracks



I’ve got hands and I’m gonna use them for something…

Make no doubt about it – I’m a proper Spies fan-boy. Reeled in by their faultless debut EP I’ve loved every track that the Dublin lot have drip-fed in the years since, meaning these two newbies come highly anticipated  And yet, I approached the play button with some trepidation. I wasn’t exactly bowled over by the new material the band had showcased at  HWCH last October. They were clearly stretching for a new sound of sorts but it just didn’t gel on the night for me; the usual interplay between the vocals and music clashing where once it meshed so well.

I needn’t have worried though because these new tracks are as good as anything that’s come before and arguably even more impressive. They still bear that distinctive Spies sound but the sum of parts is now less linear than what’s come before. The band sound confident, losing themselves in more expressive, expansive riffs that are played out over Michael Broderick’s ever impressive and impassioned yearns. A confident return, and the work of a band with something to say and a clear idea of how they want to say it. Now, any chance of an album, lads?

The launch party is in The Button Factory on Thursday, May 23rd.


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