Super Irish Sounds : Young Wonder, Biggles Flys Again, SOAK, Peadar Kearney & Blakk Forest


The rat race has gobbled me up and I’m now a 9-5er who – despite good intentions – finds it increasingly hard to sit down and type after a day of typing. This page has been somewhat threadbare as a result but to make up for this here’s an aural collage of songs I’ve been meaning to post.

The steady flow of deadly stuff coming from this little island shows no signs of abating and there’s loads more to come but this will do for now…


Young Wonder – ‘Time’ (Ft. Sacred Animals)

Cork duo Young Wonder team up with Sacred Animals for an electro-pop belter. I loved this from the get-go and it’s ridiculosuly polished but that cameo from Daragh (Sacred Animals) steals the show for me. YW are in for a BIG summer and can be found at most of the major upcoming Irish festivals.


Biggles Flys Again – ‘Friends’

The solo project of Conor Deasy, Biggles Flys Again is a project high on warm, genial jaunts and pretty pop moments – none more so than chirpy little tale of tested friendship. Their debut album, Remember Saturday, is out now.


Meltybrains? – ‘Intros Are So Original’

Gripping instrumental work from new Dublin lot Meltybrains? that builds and builds – adding new element to new element – before it’s all squared off with a giant finish. Their debut EP Attention! Now That We Have Your Attention is out now.


Soak – ‘Explosion’

Proof that ‘Sea Creatures’ wasn’t a once off. 16 year old Bridie delivers again on ‘Explosions’, another tender, plucked lament. This version on 98FMs Totally Irish is unpolished but full of charm.


Peadar Kearney – ‘St.Etienne’

Similar to the fledgling steps of his fellow Newbridge resident Mmoths this is super chilled stuff, tailor made for the closing of a perfect evening.


Black Forrest – ‘Magpie’

KaraKara himself doesn’t appear to know what this project entails (as evidenced by the title ‘Experimental folk side project?’) but I really like it, whistling solo and all. What makes it even better is the fact that he used “a harp-type thing made from a quality street tin and elastic bands” to construct it.


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  1. Bee says:

    “Time” is a great track..


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