Super Irish Sounds: Cat Dowling, The Statics, Trophy Boyfriend, Solar Bears & Liza Flume



Following on from last week’s inaugural offering here’s some more quality home-grown music to sink your teeth into…


Cat Dowling – ‘Come On’

I first caught Cat at last year’s KnockanStockan where she was mightily impressive on the main stage. With a debut album now under her belt and a multitude of plaudits to go with it, her star seems set to keep rising. ‘Come On’ shows why; a soft and wondrous track that’s powered by some yearning vocals that glow with genuine feeling.



Solar Bears – ‘Oceans Bleeding Through’

Emerging as a ‘thank you’ to fans on their Facebook page a couple of weeks back this beautiful studio cut is a short and sweet summer breeze that recalls Virgin Suicides era Air.



The Casanova Wave – ’11:13′ (Trophy Boyfriend Remix)

Another comparison with some French musical pioneers and a film score, this time it’s the work of Trophy Boyfriend who turns ’11:13′ into a driving electronic journey that wouldn’t look out of place on Daft Punk’s Tron score.



The Statics – ‘Alone’

To be found on their debut EP Hidden Pigeon, ‘Alone’ doesn’t stray an inch from The Statics now familiar blend of jangly guitars and 90’s indie-pop melodies –  simple, effective and very catchy.



Liza Flume  ‘What We Called Love’

Technically speaking Liza is Australian born but she’s Dublin based so she makes the list . This is a hell of a debut anyway, and one far too good to ignore. Beginning very simply, the looped vocals and clicks are cleverly linked to forge a gripping tale of relationship woe, one that’s more powerful than primitive. Oh and that Daithí remix is worth investigating too…

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