New Video: House of Wolves – ‘Ageless’ (Sacred Animals Remix)



Sacred Animals – founded and led by very own Daragh Nolan – have been a dab hand at remixes and collaborations for a while now. Having delivered one of the finest Irish EPs of recent times (which unfortunately is now unavailable online), Daragh has been churning out consistently quality material – sampling/working with the likes of Young Wonder, Steffalloo/Steve McEvoy and plenty more. Best just to check out the site, click play and soak it all in.

I heard this latest remix a few weeks back and was immediately enraptured by it. It was that good that I immediately sought out the original and found myself equally impressed. ‘Ageless’ has that brittle, simple beauty that Broadcast delivered so well (particularly on ‘Tears in the Typing Pool‘) and thankfully, this version doesn’t remove any of its glory. Instead, it adds a subtle dash of colour and a quiet atmospheric oomph to forge a gorgeous end product.

This new video, courtesy of Rather Nicely, does a great job of conveying it all visually.


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