The Gorgeous Colours – ‘Bright Ideas’



‘Tell me what I want to hear, Hide the rest I’ll hide my fears…’

Is there anyone else in Ireland making music quite so lovely as The Gorgeous Colours? When I cast my mind back to their last two singles – ‘It’s OK To Be Normal‘ and ‘Chopped Heart’ – I think not. ‘Bright Ideas’, their latest creation, continues this rich vein of form – arriving as another bright and beautiful treat that brims with yet more heartfelt melodies. You can almost imagine how  it was written too; that simple, repeating guitar lick giving way to an impromptu ‘ba-dah…ba-dah’ and then it all blossoming from there. Three first rate singles in a row means it all bodes very well for their new album, Bring Out the Axe, which will finally see the light of day at some point this year.

Until then you can catch TGC at the single launch in The Grand Social this Saturday, with support from the ever-impressive Come On Live Long.

Special mention for the really splendid artwork here too, which is again by Bob Corish.


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