I’m With The Band: Dogs @ Indiependence and CastlePalooza

DSCF1355For the discerning Irish music fan the August bank holiday weekend throws up a conundrum of sorts, with Cork’s Indiependence and Offally’s Castlepalooza both vying for your custom. Given the sizable distance between them, taking in both just isn’t an option for your average punter, or at least  those of a sane mind. For many bands however, it’s a unique opportunity to reach two separate audiences in one fell swoop.

That’s just what Dublin outfit Dogs planned to do. In fact, they wanted to go one step further and thus ,they assembled a travelling contingent that would come to included a few dozen mates, a videographer, a photographer and myself. A bus was hired, the drink was bought and thus, on a sunny Saturday morning we set off.

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect but what followed was a lot of fun and a lot good music. And no, before you ask: we didn’t all sing ‘Tiny Dancer’ in unison. Check out the quick highlights video below to see for yourself.


Of the two festivals CastlePalooza definitely won out for me and I think, for the band. The weather helped of course, with the lashings of rain that greeted us at Indiependence doing it no favours but the band definitely have a close affinity to Castlepalooza, with this being their third appearance there in as many years.

Dogs’ swooning mix of electronica and guitars is perfect for that run into darkness and the later slot at CP also lent itself to a party-like atmosphere. Particularly kudos too, to the lads up the front with the disco-ball. ‘Out In Cover’, the title track from their newly released debut EP, was the undisputed highlight on both nights, with Suzanne Purcell and lead singer Andrew Brennan swapping vocals with aplomb, though the pulsating rhythms of ‘Underbeats’ ran it close.

A super weekend and a great experience, all in all. Although, if I never have to assemble a tent again, it will be too soon…

Dogs’ debut EP Out In Cover is out now and you can stream it below.

The band play HWCH on Saturday, October 5th at 8pm in the Button Factory.

All photos by Brendan Beagon (www.brendanbeagon.com)


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