Album Review: Join Me In The Pines – Inherit

As published in the Metro Herald //



Dave Geraghty (above) – one-third of seemingly indefatigable Irish group Bell X1 – goes it alone once more on this, his third solo effort.

While his two previous outings were released under his own name, this time around there’s an intriguing new moniker and some striking artwork as Geraghty aims to create a more identifiable world.

The grandiose Mezzanine opens proceedings nicely, leading into First Light – the dainty debut single which pleases with witty turns of phrase and gently plucked strings. It wouldn’t have looked out of place on Bell X1’s last release – the more threadbare Chop Chop – but Inherit is very much Geraghty’s own creation as he furrows a path built around a light and spindly folk core.

Debut single Joy Is A Lion impresses with a breezy, kooky charm, while Golden Guilt’s more sinister tones are a welcome diversion.

Though he cuts loose on the heavier Man With The Mission and the dusty Nick Cave-like vibes of In The Ground it’s a laid back affair overall.

Geraghty has enough about him to hold the attention across instrumentation that’s typically genteel but a patient ear is required to fully unlock its charms.


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