Album Review: The Lost Brothers – New Songs of Dawn and Dust

As featured in the Metro Herald //

The Lost Brothers – New Songs of Dawn and Dust

(lojinx) ★★★✩✩

After stints in two separate bands, Irish duo Mark McCausland and Oisin Leech came together in 2008, releasing three much-loved albums that culminated in 2012’s critically acclaimed The Passing Of The Night.

Though billed as a fresh start and a move away from their ‘strictly folk/Americana thing’ this is really just business as usual for the pair. Opener Spanish Reprise contains a lovely instrumental lilt that promises much but ultimately leads into the chirpy-but-throwaway Days Ahead. The gentle, rolling ballad Derridae gets things back on track with a chorus that recalls The Kinks’ Days. While the duo are wary of comparisons to The Everly Brothers, the number of tracks that see harmonies coupled with lightly embellished arrangements mean the parallels are irrefutable.

And although the album peaks with dreamy instrumental interludes (Nocturnal Tune) and bouts of shadowy, mumbled dialogue (Between The Crow And The Rat), it’s mostly comprised of soft acoustic yarns that are well-intentioned, if not terribly arresting. Still, there are far worse companions for the impending descent into winter.


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  1. Steven Brand says:

    hard to take your review seriously when you can’t even spell the name of the record label.


    1. bryanooo says:

      Duly updated – thanks for pointing that out. Please proceed to take it seriously


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