Heritage Centre :: Debut album stream and launch gig

Having recently introduced Dublin/Dundalk five-piece Heritage Centre I’m delighted to inform you that their debut album Alright, Check It Out is good to go. I’m even more delighted to inform that it’s excellent.

The two singles (‘The Boss’ and ‘Oldest Friend’) are the immediate go-tos such is their undeniable brilliance but I’m glad to report that the whole album is of the same fine calibre. With Canadian producer David Newfield at the helm, we’re treated to a winning formula of lo-fi guitar driven tunes that drift from the tender (‘Satellites’) to the raucous (‘The Boss’, ‘Stolen It Twice’) and all fleeting emotions in-between. Underpinned by a reassuringly heartfelt delivery, intelligent lyrics and some cracking choruses – you should do exactly as that title suggests and well, check it out.

  • Must listen: ‘Sateliites’, ‘Oldest Friend’, ‘Pros And Cons Of Cowardice’

Buy the album now from the usual physical outlets (Tower Records, Spin Dizzy, Freebird Records, The R.A.G.E etc) plus on digital download from Bandcamp and iTunes.

The album is launched this Saturday in The Grand Social with support from Master & Dog. €10 in and event details anseo.

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