No Monster Club and their collection of weird and wonderful new videos

Dublin messers No Monster Club are on something of a video frenzy as of late, bestowing the internet with no less than four new videos in recent times. Lets pause and reflect. If you’ve yet to fall in love with the ramshackle, smile-inducing and super catchy No Monster Club formula then please consider this set of visual treats to be your final warning.

  • ‘Who Wants A Man’ was a track that first snook into my top songs of 2010 despite the fact that I first heard it a mere two days before that lists creation. It’s really that good and so too is its meme-fuelled video.


  • ‘Lets Get Lucky’ borrows heavily from The Four Seasons’ ‘Walk Like A Man’, recalling languid beach days that seem a lifetime away right now. The video comes courtesy of American-based duo Joseph Kolean and Joshua Van Wynen.


  • ‘Otherworld Blisters’ may not be as much of a hit as the others but it does have some strange puppet antics going on, as well as some nice animation.


  • And last but not certainly not least we have ‘La La Land’ and a singing dog. Sure, how could a singing dog ever be last?

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